Wallpaper Changer for Reddit

Wallpaper Changer for Reddit

v3.9.0 [July 14, 2019]
  • Custom presets! Save/load your subreddit choices for quick swapping. Users with the "Remove Ads" in-app purchase will have access to presets and all future Pro features. Existing purchases will never be deprecated or superseded by future Pro features.
  • Sticky notifications! Change your wallpaper and view next-update status from the notification. Depending on your Android version and manufacturer, the sticky notification should be minimized and provide quick access to wallpaper controls and info. In the future, this may include details about your current wallpaper.
  • 'Suggested subreddits' list moved to 'Subreddits & screen selection' -> 'Presets'. This should provide more convenient access to all of your subreddit edits and presets, where they'll all be in the same place.
  • Fixed many network & image bugs. Users should see fewer half-loaded images and faster wallpaper updates.
  • UI improvements! Some pages have been re-organized for better flow and structure.
v3.8.3 [May 15, 2019]
• Option to apply blur/dim effects only on specific screens
• Improved network stability! Wallpaper updates should work better on mobile networks and slower connections.
        - Download speeds in different countries usually vary, so wallpaper download timeouts should be more forgiving on slower networks and cellular networks..
• Subreddit input screen is now scrollable, when text fields push content off-screen
• Added translations for Portuguese, Italian, and Arabic (Thanks to those who contributed!)

v3.8.2 [April 19, 2019]
Our user base has tripled over the last month! As a result, the next coming updates will be focused on general usability and sustainability.
**3.8.1 and 3.8.2 are hotfixes for the 3.8.0 release on April 18th, 2019.

• Download images to device from the History page!
• Notification thumbnails, and improved notification options!
• Better subreddit/screen selection interface
        - This is in preparation for a better subreddit selector in the future. Also, many users were unable to find a way to change which screen the image applied, so the updated layout will hopefully improve on that.
• Spanish Translation added, thanks to AlgebraicB @ XDA
         - Current translations are on version 3.7.1, so a few strings for French and Spanish may still be in English. These will be updated in the near future.
• Added a 'Low power mode'
• Next wallpaper update time preserved after reboot/app update
        - This should take effect 'after' you update the app to 3.8.0. The next time you reboot your phone or update the app, the remaining time until the next wallpaper should persist and not reset to the default interval.
• Fixed QS tile bugs
        - The QS Tile would occasionally appear disabled/greyed out. This is an attempt to fix that.
• Improved algorithms

v3.7.1 [March 13, 2019]
• French Translation added, thanks to Solid.Snake @ XDA
• Image history limit increased to 50
        - History has a minimal storage impact, so it has been increased from 20 to 50.
• Minor bug fixes
        - Fixed crash when adding settings tile
        - Fixed a crash when an unexpected value was set for Preferred Network (Wi-Fi/Data Only)

**Changelogs for older version to be added later. Detailed changelogs of future versions will now be available here.